Wildstar Online: Get a Free Level 50 Character!


To score a new Level 50 Character for the MMORPG game Wildstar Online you just just need to log in after March 8 after the Power of the Primal Matrix update.

Everyone that logs in during this event event can claim their free character boost, but it must be used to create a level 50 character during the promotion period. Be sure to claim it quick as the event ends at 11:59pm PDT, March 12!

All this is a one-time use offer, so be sure you’re creating the character you want to before finalizing it. Once your free level 50 boost is used, it’s used up forever. The free character boost offered with this event includes all of the following:

  1. Full set of Assault (DPS) gear already equipped
  2. Bag of Support Gear: Full set based on class Support role (tanking/healing)
  3. Bag of Path Rewards: Stuff you’d normally get for your Path while leveling
  4. Mount: Something to ride around on!
  5. Protostar Housing Teleportation Unit: Use this item to transport to your housing plot, and it’ll also give you a Recall ability to get back to your house if you leave it
  6. Capital City Transmat Coordinates: Use this to add another Recall button, but this one transports you to your capital city

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