Warface Starter Pack Key Giveaway


Steelseries in collaboration with My.com is giving away free starter pack keys with lots of useful in-game items for Warface. Each starter pack contains: Two-weeks VIP Booster a AY 551 Assault Rifle (for 2 weeks), Urban Camo Skin for AY 551 Assault Rifle (Permanent), Eagle Eye Pistol (for 2 weeks) and Blue Smoke Grenades (x 100).


1. Create your Warface account HERE.

2. Create or log in to your SteelSeries account HERE.

3. Click on the "Get Your Key" button.

4. After logging in to you Warface account, visit the Code Activation page HERE.

5. Enter your code and press "View Code Contents".

6. Select the server and the character you want the items sent to and press "Redeem Code"

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Delivered only once daily! Get all the loot!

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