Twin Saga – Explorer Pack DLC Giveaway


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Twin Saga is a Colorful Free to Play, Manga-style Anime MMO with a Unique Mobile Housing System and a Battle of Good vs. Evil with Multiple Classes to Choose From. Try it Out Today! Happy Gaming!

Each Pack Includes All These Items:

  • 5 Astral Crystal
  • 3 Loot Charm III
  • 5 Loot Charm II
  • 1 3-Star Gear Evolution Guarantee
  • 3 2-Star Gear Evolution Guarantee
  • 5 Advanced Gear Evolution Scroll
  • 5 Revival Potion
  • 5 Bank Access Key
  • 5 Auction House Key
  • 5 24-Hour EXP Feather
  • 150 Loyalty Points

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