The Cycle Alpha Keys (Epic)


Score FREE The Cycle Alpha Keys for the Epic Games Store! The key includes access to all alpha and closed beta events, including upcoming playtest weekends. Additionally you’ll get a special Alpha Supporters outfit!


1. Login into your MMOHuts account to unlock your key

2. Redeem your on Key on the Epic Games Store.


You must check the playtest dates to access the game.

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The Cycle Alpha Keys (Epic) Discussion: 6

  1. This is alpha key, but need WIN her and subscribe on newsletter!!!

    Sign up below to subscribe to our newsletter and have a chance to receive a key that can be used to activate the game in the Epic Games Store to join the weekly play tests of The Cycle.


    1. There’s nothing you need to ‘win’ to receive a key, friend! I also believe you aren’t required to sign up for our newsletter to receive a key, you only have to create an account on our website. We do this so people can only claim one key. Unfortunately if we don’t, then key-miners steal them all and try to sell them on grey-market websites. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Darn i’m too late the giveaway already ended, also since it’s ended probably a heads up for everyone else that they’re not free anymore, technically you can still ‘sign up’ for playtests.

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