Tap Adventure: Time Travel Free DLC Giveaway (10.000 Steam Keys Available)


LootXP, FreeSteamKeys, and Avallon Alliance have all come together to score you free DLC for Tap Adventure: Time Travel. Get your key Now!

Each Key contains the following:

  • Three hero rings for new heroes: Champion, Ranger and Priest! If  you already have these rings, their level will be increased by 1.
  • Get tokens and manacoins to try Mimic and Governors Club.
  • For a joyous adventure you need trusted friends and some gold! 5  Gratogmorrs and 1 Summon Friend book will help you with that.
  • Also, 15 chests and keys will help you to get upgrade your new  heroes!

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Delivered only once daily! Get all the loot!

Comments 2

  1. Nice! I’ve noticed they always link to lootxp, but wasn’t sure if the relation between sites goes the other way around to. They did a good job with FreeSteamKeys, cool spot for Steam giveaways. +1 for your buddy list.

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