Paragon: Free Loot Crate Codes


Alienware in partnership with Epic Games is giving away free Loot Crate Keys for Paragon!

Please note that you need an Alienware Level 2+ account, however if you just created your free account dont worry, it's actually quite easy and fast to reach Level 2, just follow the instructions bellow.

Alienware Level 2 Instructions:

  1. Create your free Alienware account. Remember, you just need 15 ARP (points) to reach level 2.
  2. Check your "ARP STATUS" indicator on the bottom right of the screen by clicking on it and complete the daily quests.
  3. Vote on content (including giveaways, news and forum...) you will get 1 ARP for every 5 votes.
  4. If you completed all the tasks you should be level 2 right now. Congratulations!

Free Alerts On Giveaways!

Delivered only once daily! Get all the loot!

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