Free MTG: Arena Codes

Below you will find all the free Magic: The Gathering Arena Codes we found. Redeem all this Magic Arena codes and unlock Set Packs, XP, card styles and other rewards for free.


  • LevelUp (2000 XP)
  • FiveBonusLevels (5000 XP)
  • SparkleDruid (Card style)
  • PLAYM20 (3 Core Set 2020 Packs)
  • ENLIGHTENME (Card Style)
  • SHIELDSUP (Card Style)
  • INNERDEMON (Card Style)
  • PlayWarSpark (Card Style)
  • ShinyGoblinPirate (Card Style)
  • FoilFungus (Card Style)
  • ParallaxPotion (Card Style)
  • SuperScry (Card Style)
  • PlayAllegiance (3 Ravnica Allegiance Packs)
  • PlayRavnica (3 Guild of Ravnica Packs)


  1. Start the game and on the home screen click Store
  2. In the top right corner, click" Redeem Code" window. 
  3. Enter the code there. Be careful to correctly use uppercase and lowercase

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