Free Steep (Uplay)


Ubisoft is giving away a free copy of Steep for PC via Uplay! You can claim the game from May 16th at 08:00 pm to May 22nd at 05:00 am (your local time). Download Steep now and keep it forever in your Uplay library!


1.Click the "Open giveaway" button to open the giveaway page.

2. Click the "PC" button and login into your Uplay account.

Please note you must check your local time to access this giveaway.

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Delivered only once daily! Get all the loot!

Free Steep (Uplay) Discussion: 7

  1. i have added the game to my Library but i didn’t download it yet
    would i have to download a free copy of it even when it expires or i have to download it now too?

    i mean is it enough to add it ti Library right or i have to download it too before it expires?

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