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Oatboy vs. Slime Mold is an attempt at making a fast-paced action game with a unique concept and original game play that would fit in with late-70's/Early-80's Arcade games.

I created the game back in 2013, but a few glaring issues had prevented me from releasing it to and Game Jolt. This new 2016 version is much better (and a little faster).

From the in-game text...

In this game you take the place of a sentient, mobile, Oat; and you have to keep away from a Slime Mold that, due to some sort of scientific experiment, is really really fast.

You are the "O"; an Oat that has come to life

You are trapped in a room with the "X"; a hungry Slime Mold

The "X" secretes a trail of X's while it moves

Avoid the "X" the wall of X's and secretions

Use the Cursor Keys to do this

If trapped, use your Shield to blast through the secretions

Use the Z Key to do this

Your Shield quickly depletes & becomes useless with use

Your Shield will slowly recharge & become useable again

More Slime Molds will join in the longer you run

Press the Escape Key to return to the main menu

Press Alt + Enter to toggle Fullscreen

Get at least 1000 points on Hard Mode for a surprise; Get at least 2000 points on either mode for another [SEIZURE WARNING]

Have Fun!

High Scores are auto-saved. Additional OS's and controller support coming eventually.

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