Free Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China


Ubisoft Store is temporarily giving away Assassin's Creed Chronicles China for FREE via Uplay! This giveaway expires on February 05, 2019 so download this game now before it's too late. Please follow the instructions below.


1. Download and install Uplay.

2. Launch Uplay and go to the games menu.

3. Click the "Free games" and select Assassin's Creed Chronicles China

4. Add the game to your library. (Check the screenshot below)

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Free Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China Discussion: 24

      1. yes, yes.

        He already has it.
        Fortunately, on the second account is the Assassin to see.
        **** PROBLEM in launcher UPLAY ****
        **** He does not have LUNAR SALE in Uplayi ****
        But when he turns on the second account, so he sees it(Lunar Sale, Assassin). All work good.
        **** He does not have LUNAR SALE in Uplayi ****
        but when it switches on the second account so it has it

  1. Hi, thanks so much for posting about this game! I had this game on my wishlist before, so it’s nice getting it free. I just want to report that it didn’t show up in my Uplay (I live in the US). I had to go to the store website first. When you go there, there’s a big “featured” panel that cycles images of what is new. It currently has 3 items its promoting: 1. The Lunar New Year Sale, 2. Free Offer – Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, 3. The Division 2 Pre-Order Advertisement. I was able to get the free game, clicking on the second one. Then it finally showed up in my Uplay in My Games. So for anyone that can’t see it under Free Games on their Uplay, go to the store website first and get it there.

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