DiRT 3 – Complete Edition (DRM-free Version)


Giveaway Hosted by GameSessions.

Developed by Codemasters, DiRT 3 - Complete Edition is a Racing Game Where You Will Race Iconic Cars Representing 50 Years of Off-road Motorsport Across Three Continents. From the Forests of Michigan to the Infamous Roads of Finland and the National Parks of Kenya. This Title is the Eighth Game in the Colin McRae Rally Series. Happy Gaming!

Because DiRT 4 is Coming Soon, GameSessions is Offering the Full Version of DiRT 3 For Free! Get All the DLC and Local Multiplayer Modes With This Offer. In Order to Keep the Game, Play For 5 Minutes to Activate and Keep on GameSessions Forever!

**Please Note - If You Wish to Buy a Copy of the Game and Add it to Your Steam Library, You Can Do So Instantly In-game. After Purchase GameSessions Will Provide You With a Steam Key For You to Add the Game to Your Steam Library.**

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