Blade And Soul Warden’s Fury Gift Key


Steelseries is giving away FREE special gift keys for Blade & Soul in celebration of the new Warden's Fury update! Grab you key now!

This gift key contains the following in-game items:

  • Special Hongmoon Experience Charm - Transcend your character’s limits with the Special Hongmoon XP Charm. Requires Level 55 HM 1–24 to use.
  • Untold Fury (Costume) - Heroically charge into the chaos of battle with the Untold Fury Costume.
  • Untold Fury Hair (Headpiece) - Put a bit of wild style into your cut with the Untold Fury Hair.
  • Endless Fury Illusion Weapon Chest (Weapon Skin) - Complete the look and get a golden glow with the Endless Fury Illusion Weapon Chest.
  • Fleeting Fury Pet Aura - Get a head start on the Warden’s Fury event with the Fleeting Fury Pet Aura. Requires level 50 to equip.
  • Fleeting Fury Soul - Grab additional rewards during the Warden’s Fury event with the Fleeting Fury Soul. Requires level 50 to equip.

Instructions: Login into your account, scroll down and click the button to unlock your key.

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